NOVEMBER 20-24, 2023

The maples are blazing, the air is crisp, and autumn flavors are in abundance. 

Fall is a feast for all of the senses. In concert with the festival of colors, tai sea bream comes into season for a second time alongside persimmons and mushrooms. And with cooler temperatures, the winter brewing season begins. We’ll travel to Itoshima and learn all about the art, science, and craft of brewing soy, one of Japan's staple seasonings.


Session Lookbook

The momiji maples flame red and the eponymous red snapper is most delicious. Root vegetables like turnips, radish, and daikon sweeten in the autumn chill.


Make your way to Karatsu, in the Northwest corner of Kyushu, a little over an hour by train from the Fukuoka airport or shinkansen station. We’ll gather for an intimate welcome dinner at Arutokoro with Karatsu's rising star chef. Then it's early to bed to rest up after a long day of travel.

We'll gather in Mirukashi and start with a primer on hakusai tsukemono, sun dried, salted Chinese cabbage. After lunch we'll dive into some of fall's tastiest flavors and prepare a multi-course meal that features autumn sea bream, fire roasted taro, matsutake rice, and winter pickles.

Travel & Welcome

Early Winter Pickles

day one

day two

We'll spend the morning with Hanako at her pottery studio monohanako and learn about the art and craft of Japanese tableware. After lunch we'll roll up our sleeves and make another fall focused multi-course meal featuring persimmon, chrysanthemum, and arrowhead bulbs.

Pottery & Food

DAy Four

We'll travel to Itoshima and meet an innovative young brewer with a singular vision who honors tradition and innovation in making umami rich soy from locally grown soybeans. Back in Karatsu we'll dine at a beloved place featuring female-forward food, craft, and design.


Day Three

How We'll Spend Our Time

come to mirukashi

Pack your swag and enjoy one last morning by the sea before you hug your new best friends goodbye. Don’t be sad because you are now a member of the Mirukashi Collective, a private online salon where we'll nurture our blossoming friendships and continue delicious conversations.

Let the waves lull you to sleep each night in this 4 star oceanside hotel featuring spectacular views from every room. Watch the sun rise over the bay, take a stroll along the sandy beach by a forest of ancient pine trees, visit the gym or relax in the sauna, onsen spa, or rooftop thermal pool.

Hugs & Goodbyes

Seaside Hotel

day Five


You'll go home with:

Insights into Japan's culinary culture

Aspirational and actionable insights into planning a meal, cooking techniques, seasoning, plating, table setting, and the etiquette of drinking and dining.

seasonal Recipe Collection

A beautifully printed, expanded collection of seasonal recipes from Mirukashi and my promise to be here as your guide even after you've gone home.


How It Works

Salon sessions are $3150 per person for shared occupancy and $3550 per person for a private room. A deposit of $1800 reserves your place.


Includes 4 nights lodging plus all food, drink, and transportation during the salon session. Does not include transportation to and from Karatsu.

What's included

Plans are hard to make these days. All deposits are non-refundable but give me two months notice and I'll happily apply your deposit to a future session.


Seating is limited.

Reserve yours now.

Salon sessions are limited to 6 people to ensure a relaxed and intimate experience. 
Bookings are accepted on a first come, first served basis.
Come to Mirukashi.

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Hakusai tsukemono is one of my all time favorite Japanese pickles and a firm culinary tradition in our house. Pickles bring vegetables to the table at a time when fewer are to be found fresh.

Of Pickles and Preservation


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It seems the hills are dressed for the holidays, the dull winter landscape bedecked with persimmon-jeweled trees. I can’t help but see them as festive and ornamental.

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Like all animals this time of year, I notice a growing craving for richer foods, an instinctual drive to plump up for winter. The body craves a bit more oil, a bit more fat, and all things hot. 

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Mukago are almost bean like with the slightest trace of a pleasant bitterness. They echo the earthy flavor of a potato, but its taste is lighter as the tubers grow in the air and not in the soil. 

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