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Culinary arts salon

Culture. Flavor. Terroir

MIRUKASHI salon sessions offer a deep dive into the flavors of the season in the context of one of the world’s greatest culinary traditions. Join us in a multi-day feast for the senses featuring atelier visits, foraging, cooking and sharing meals.


CONNECT you to the natural environment in which FLAVOR ORIGINATES.

When you pass hillsides full of bamboo shoots in spring and drive roads carpeted in bright yellow leaves of ginkgo trees in autumn, the visceral connection to those ingredients as essential flavors of the season is enhanced in spades. Seasonal ingredients are a natural extension of the scenery that surrounds us and intrinsic to the meals we prepare here. 

CONNECT you to the natural environment in which FLAVOR ORIGINATES.

Slow down, engage your senses, and experience the great joy of cooking, eating, and living in tune with the natural environs in this multi-day, immersive retreat in the countryside of JAPAN.

Join me for a seasonally tailored, intimate (7 people max!) boutique tour exploring Japan's culinary culture and sharing the flavors of the season. As we cook, plate, and dine together, we’ll take our cues from the old almanac that divides the year into 24 seasons and 72 micro seasons, each with its own special taste combinations. We’ll also venture out to meet local growers, producers, chefs, and artisans to better understand our ingredients and surroundings.

You'll go home with:

Insights into Japan's culinary culture

Aspirational and actionable insights into planning a meal, cooking techniques, seasoning, plating, table setting, and the etiquette of drinking and dining.

seasonal Recipe Collection

A collection of seasonal recipes from Mirukashi and my promise to be here as your guide even after you've gone home.


Explore. Taste. Awaken.

An adventure for the sensualist full of aesthetic beauty, delicious flavors, and intimate encounters with dedicated and passionate artisans. Join me and experience Japan's food and culture in context. 

Lasting Bonds

These immersive experiences are as much about cultural dialogue and creating community as they are about cooking. As we stand shoulder to shoulder in the kitchen and sit elbow to elbow at the table, we'll share our passions, experiences, and stories. From your peer participants to the local chefs and artisans you meet, you'll leave knowing you've forged lasting connections to an intimate group of culturally curious folks who love Japan and its flavors.


Choose your season.


Each Culinary Arts session is hand crafted to bring you the fullest experience of the culture, flavor, and terroir of Mirukashi. Each itinerary is specific to the season and offers you a unique and unparalleled experience. Which one will you choose?

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