October 21-25, 2024

Rice speaks to the Japanese soul as both a sacred crop and the ultimate comfort food. 

At the Japanese table, there is nothing more celebrated or divine than a pristine bowl of pure white shinmai, freshly harveted rice. We'll revel in this simple and perfect grain as we explore the flavors of fall. We'll enjoy the rich and fatty taste of skipjack tuna, mackerel, and other blue-backed fish paired with autumn's bright green citrus like kabosu and sudachi.


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It is the season of shinmai new rice, and ginnan gingko nuts. All kinds of mackerel are delicious in autumn and pair well with refreshing green citrus.

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Make your way to Karatsu, in the Northwest corner of Kyushu, a little over an hour by train from the Fukuoka airport or shinkansen station. We’ll gather for a private welcome dinner at an intimate countryside restaurant. Then it's early to bed to rest up after a long day of travel.

We'll gather in Mirukashi and start with a primer on dashi, the fundamental seasoning at the heart of Japanese cuisine.  After lunch we'll learn how to prepare and cook rice as we make a multi-course evening meal featuring emerald gingko nuts, persimmon, eggplant, and new rice.

Travel & Welcome

New Rice

day one

day two

We'll spend the morning with Hanako at her pottery studio monohanako and learn about the art and craft of Japanese tableware. After lunch we'll roll up our sleeves and make another multi-course meal featuring lotus root with white miso, mukago tubers and grilled barracuda.

Pottery & Food

DAy Four

Led by a local chef who cooks rice over fire, we'll enjoy a morning masterclass on cooking rice and pressing onigiri (aka musubi), the soulful rice balls loved by all generations in Japan.  We'll head into town for dinner at a beloved place featuring female-forward food, craft, and design.

Onigiri / Musubi

Day Three

How We'll Spend Our Time

come to mirukashi

Pack your swag and enjoy one last morning by the sea before you hug your new best friends goodbye. But don’t be sad as you are now a member of the Mirukashi Collective, a group of culturally curious gastronomes who have formed lasting bonds while spending time in Mirukashi.

Let the waves lull you to sleep each night in this 4 star oceanside hotel featuring spectacular views from every room. Watch the sun rise over the bay, take a stroll along the sandy beach by a forest of ancient pine trees, visit the gym or relax in the sauna, onsen spa, or rooftop thermal pool.

Hugs & Goodbyes

Seaside Hotel

day Five


You'll go home with:

Insights into Japan's culinary culture

Aspirational and actionable insights into planning a meal, cooking techniques, seasoning, plating, table setting, and the etiquette of drinking and dining.

seasonal Recipe Collection

A beautifully printed, expanded collection of seasonal recipes from Mirukashi and my promise to be here as your guide even after you've gone home.


How It Works

Salon sessions are $3550 (USD) per person. A non-refundable deposit of $1800 secures your place with balance due 60 days before the session.


Four nights in a private room plus all food, drink, and transportation during the salon session. Does not include transportation to and from Karatsu.

What's included

Plans are hard to make these days. All deposits are non-refundable but give me two months notice and I'll happily apply your deposit to a future session.


Seating is limited.

Reserve yours now.

Salon sessions are limited to 7 people to ensure a relaxed and intimate experience. 
Bookings are accepted in the order requested.
Come to Mirukashi.

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In the waning glow of autumn the rice fields yellow with age. Rice paddies are drained in preparation for the harvest and stalks bow heavy as the seed grains begin to dry in the cooling air.

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Been Sown


Stories of this Season

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Making onigiri is an intimate act and homemade ones, laced with love, taste the best. Kuniko pressed and turned and repeated, soon turning out a perfect triangle shaped onigiri. 

Her Hands



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A wilting eggplant, turnip tops, daikon skins, all of these end up in the tokozuke pot and arrive at the table as an uncommonly beautiful array of colorful tsukemomno rice bran pickles. 

Of Tips
and Tails



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Simple, elegant, and delicious, the trifecta defining good food. Aqueous and earthy, nasu is at the peak of flavor as we ease into autumn with the warmth of summer at our back.

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