Sweet days of May


May 8, 2022

New wild edibles in my Mirukashi kitchen.

May days are soft. Doves coo and whippoorwills whistle. Hazy clouds float through a pale sky. Green deepens and branches stretch as though to reach through windows and enter doors. The cicadas have begun to stir and whirr as bees and black butterflies flit from Seville to thistle to snowbell blossom, gathering and pollinating.

I too am gathering ideas and ingredients and pollinating future salon menus with sweet treats crafted from seasonal wild edibles. For many years I closed out the foraging season with takenoko in mid-April. But last year I began gathering wild shincha, new tender tea leaves, alongside yomogi mugwort, mitsuba Japanese chervil, and other herbs to batter and fry for late April tempura. This year the foraging season extends further into May with cedar tips, azami thistle blossoms, and noichigo wild strawberries joining the roster of wild edibles in my Mirukashi kitchen and sweets are the theme of May. Thistle blossom sorbet, and cedar tip panda cotta with wild strawberries.

Outside of the culinary arts immersion experiences, the MIRUKASHI salon will occasionally host a private supper club. Because the salon is an extension of me, it will be a place where my New England roots can play with aesthetic sensibilities influenced and crafted over 15 years living in Japan, a place where I can lean into traditional Washoku practices as well as infuse local flavors into more Western leaning dishes. And when it comes to the sweet side, its rife with possibilities for blending flavors and customs.

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To host intimate gatherings of extraordinary guests and together explore the flavors of the season in the context of one of the world’s greatest culinary traditions. I can’t wait to welcome you.

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