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The MIRUKASHI salon Culture. Flavor. Terroir. 

Intimate gatherings of extraordinary guests (that's you!) for seasonally tailored immersive culinary sessions in the countryside of Japan


Foraging, cooking, & sharing stories.

Upon moving to Japan in 2007, I immediately recognized the great depth and beauty of Japanese culinary traditions. Eating at my mother-in-law’s table kindled a desire to know more about the fascinating ingredients she used and the techniques that daily transformed them into such exquisite dishes. Thus began an enduring journey deep into Japan's food culture exploring the origin of ingredients, the craft of the cook, and the rituals of the table. 

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CONNECT you to the natural environment in which FLAVOR ORIGINATES.

When you pass hillsides full of bamboo shoots in spring and drive roads carpeted in bright yellow leaves of ginkgo trees in autumn, the visceral connection to those ingredients as essential flavors of the season is enhanced in spades. Seasonal ingredients are a natural extension of the scenery that surrounds us and intrinsic to the meals we prepare here. 

CONNECT you to the natural environment in which FLAVOR ORIGINATES.

The salons Prairie has cultivated are as divine as the Japanese landscapes and culture. This trip has landed deep in my soul and I know it will continue to nourish for years to come. 

- Susan

An unforgettable feast for the culinary and spiritual senses.

- Kathy

We had the BEST time ever. Thank you for your generosity and hospitality and for showing us the beautiful, soft, special way of life at Mirukashi. 

- jessica

An experience of a lifetime. Prairie gave of herself and her unique life so completely it continues to amaze me. I came away feeling I had just been given a chance to experience what it’s like to live the extraordinary life she lives.

- gayle

I appreciated experiencing Japan through your senses and aesthetic and was charmed by the intimacy of the Salon.

- Susan

You offered us the most incredible experiences. Thank you! It is a life moment I will hold dear.

- Rena

Explore. Taste. Awaken.

A retreat for the body and soul.
An adventure for the mind and palate.

72 seasons of eating

The story of Mirukashi

The Mirukashi salon experience grew out of a collection of essays
that narrates a gastronomic journey through the seasonal rhythms of the kitchen and the table in the heart of rural Japan.

Take a seat and read along.

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Each salon session is hand crafted to bring you the fullest experience of the culture, flavor, and terroir of Mirukashi. Each itinerary is specific to the season and offers you a unique and unparalleled experience. Which one will you choose?

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