Prairie is using travel to help remedy the widening gulf between what we eat and where our food comes from and to celebrate artisanal ways of making food that modern mass culture threatens to crowd out. 

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Fantastic Food Tours: Mirukashi Salon offers seasonal, five-day experiences through the Japanese countryside, granting intimate access to farmers, fishermen, restaurants, and the freshest ingredients of the season.

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Through Mirukashi Salon, Stuart-Wolff hopes to show visitors how to live with nature and understand where ingredients come from.
"Things just taste better when you've gone into the stream and picked it yourself."



I marvel as I prepare to voyage away from Mirukashi, from this beautiful home and the women who helm it, and from the branches and sprouts of an early spring in Japan, how much has informed my thinking in so little a time.

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Savoring the equinox

The Karatsu region, is rich in diverse ingredients. Fish, seafood, shellfish, and sansai (edible mountain plants) abound there. For Prairie, ‘all the essentials of Japanese cuisine are gathered in one place.’ 

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Immersing in Japanese Cuisine 

While Japan's major cities offer one facet of Japan's remarkable culinary culture, another can be found in the seaside town of Karatsu where Prairie Stuart-Wolff hosts one-of-a-kind culinary experiences on her smallholding that honour Japan's microseasons.



Five delicious food retreats: cooking holidays to write home about. Why we’re falling for the allure of the ultra-local culinary escape: the camaraderie that comes with cooking and eating with other like-minded souls. 

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Fruits de mer, poissons, crustacés et sansai (plantes de montagne comestibles) s’y trouvent en abondance. Pour Prairie, « tous les essentiels de la cuisine japonaise sont réunis au même endroit ». 

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Apprivoiser la cuisine japonaise

There’s no better way to discover a place than through the eyes of a local. And when said local also has an outsider’s perspective — like American-born Prairie Stuart-Wolff — you’re bound to develop a rare appreciation for that place and its culture.



Guests will be welcomed into a foreign land like friends and family. Which, if you ask us, is the rarest and most special travel experience of all.

-  Siobhan Reid

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