The MIRUKASHI salon is where extraordinary guests gather to share delicious meals and inspiring conversations amidst beautiful  scenery in the countryside of Japan.

Mirukashi is a

Culinary Arts Salon

MIRUKASHI salon sessions offer a deep dive into the flavors of the season in the context of one of the world’s greatest culinary traditions. Join us in a multi-day feast for the senses featuring atelier visits, foraging, cooking and sharing meals.

Slow down, engage your senses, and experience the great joy of cooking, eating, and living in tune with the natural environs in this multi-day, immersive retreat in the countryside of JAPAN.

Join me for a seasonally tailored, intimate (7 people max!) boutique experience exploring Japan's culinary culture and sharing the flavors of the season. As we cook, plate, and dine together, we’ll take our cues from the old almanac that divides the year into 24 seasons and 72 micro seasons, each with its own special taste combinations. We’ll also venture out to meet local growers, producers, chefs, and artisans to better understand our ingredients and surroundings.

Hosted by Prairie

I'm enamored with the rituals of daily life. I love to watch the sun rise, gather wild weeds to eat and flowers to arrange, tend to my orchard and garden, fillet my own fish, and cook meals from scratch. Through these simple acts, I feel my New England disposition in synergy with the rhythm of my days in Mirukashi.

Oddly, I never dreamed of moving to Japan, but the aesthetics of the culture resonate so deeply that it often feels predestined. 

Mirukashi is my story

Beauty must always grow from the realities of life.

- jun'ichiro tanizaki

You'll form lasting bonds in Mirukashi

There is immense value in stepping out of our daily routines to spend intentional time with others. As we stand shoulder to shoulder in the kitchen and sit elbow to elbow at the table, sharing our passions and experiences, we learn as much about ourselves as we do about each other. From your peer participants to the local chefs and artisans you meet, you'll leave knowing you've forged lasting connections to an intimate group of culturally curious folks who love Japan and its flavors.

Still savoring the time we spent at Mirukashi Salon. The food we ate, the friendships we made, the conversations we had and the places we visited will stay with me for a long time. Thank you for sharing Mirukashi with us.


Take me back! I could have spent another week with you all. Thank you Prairie.

- nan

It was an unforgettable time with you and our congenial circle. A rare chemistry quickly evolved over our stay. It was so very hard to leave.

- Marcia

I can’t wait to come back!!


It was magical. There was an easy bond between all of us who are so grateful for this time and for you opening your life to us.


It can be hard to feel at home while venturing afar. Here in Mirukashi, you can do just that.

How It Works

Salon sessions are $3550 (USD) per person. A non-refundable deposit of $1800 secures your place with balance due 60 days before the session.


Four nights in a private room plus all food, drink, and transportation during the salon session. Does not include transportation to and from Karatsu.

What's included

Plans are hard to make these days. All deposits are non-refundable but give me two months notice and I'll happily apply your deposit to a future session.



CONNECT you to the natural environment in which FLAVOR ORIGINATES.

When you pass hillsides full of bamboo shoots in spring and drive roads carpeted in bright yellow leaves of ginkgo trees in autumn, the visceral connection to those ingredients as essential flavors of the season is enhanced in spades. Seasonal ingredients are a natural extension of the scenery that surrounds us and intrinsic to the meals we prepare here. 

CONNECT you to the natural environment in which FLAVOR ORIGINATES.

Settle into the agrarian rhythms of rural Japan and taste its finest flavors.

Join me in a multi-day feast for the senses. We’ll dive deep into the beauty of Japan's landscape and local culinary and craft traditions. We’ll visit markets and ateliers, forage, cook, and share the flavors of the season.

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