Postcards from MIRUKASHI

Seasonal snapshots, culinary creations, and salon updates.


Drawing dashi

“Making good dashi is the first secret of the simple art of Japanese cooking.” Shizuo Tsuji Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art As the sun rises I wake, make a cup of coffee, and prepare to draw the day’s dashi. I place a large square of konbu, dried giant kelp, in fresh water and let it […]


Labor of love

Whether one truly understands how or why such a simple dish takes so much time, the body and soul clearly take great pleasure in such a labor of love. I think time just might just be the most essential ingredient in good cooking. Because cooking with care takes time. And care — for your ingredients, […]


MIRUKASHI mixology

I’m building a menu of seasonal cocktails to weave into the fabric of the MIRUKASHI salon sessions. I can’t wait to shake and stir and slip one (sprited or zero-proof) across the bar to you. Just about a year ago I decided to stop drinking alcohol on the daily. The transition was far easier than […]


On the wilder side

It was an odd year for ume in Mirukashi. A few weeks back I had stood on the narrow balcony outside Kuniko’s house looking out over the ume trees puzzled by the yellowed canopy of my three most prolific trees. Their color stood out, unusual against the more familiar, verdant green of the other trees […]


Sweet days of May

New wild edibles in my Mirukashi kitchen. May days are soft. Doves coo and whippoorwills whistle. Hazy clouds float through a pale sky. Green deepens and branches stretch as though to reach through windows and enter doors. The cicadas have begun to stir and whirr as bees and black butterflies flit from Seville to thistle […]


On the Ariake Sea

Guests of February’s First Spring salon session will have unprecedented access to the inner workings of how one of Japan’s most recognizable foods is grown and processed. 


It’s time to write the next chapter

For the past three years, under the banner of Cultivated Days, I published twice monthly essays about cooking, eating, and living in accordance to the rotation of the seasons in the countryside of Japan. When I had amassed 72 seasonal stories corresponding to each of the micro-seasons in Japan’s ancient agricultural almanac, I knew that the […]


Explore the Seasons


To host intimate gatherings of extraordinary guests and together explore the flavors of the season in the context of one of the world’s greatest culinary traditions. I can’t wait to welcome you.

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