Winter loosens its grip in February and the earth is slowly waking. We’ll forage fukinoto, butterbur buds, and explore this micro-season of winter crossing over to spring. February’s outing is a most special one. We’ll travel to the Ariake Sea to see how Japan’s finest nori is grown.

Spring is gaining momentum and provides so many fresh, wild flavors. We will forage tsukushi horsetail from the hills and the tender shoots of watercress from streams. We'll also learn to craft Japan’s renowned confections in a private wagashi workshop with a master artisan.

First Spring

Vernal Equinox

FEBRUARY 12-16, 2024

MARCH 11-15, 2024

The sun is shining, the birds are singing. Summer is coming and abundance defines this season of prime foraging. We'll collect bamboo shoots, giant butterbur stems, and peppery shansho. We'll also enjoy a specialty wildcrafting session with a medicinal plant expert.

Spring  Bounty

APRIL 8-12, 2024

Tai sea bream is most delicious in the season of sakura. And the fresh baby leaves of kinome are unfurling from the branches of our sansho trees. We’ll enjoy a flower viewing picnic with sweeping views of an island studded bay before strolling the grounds of an ancient fortress.

Sakura Season

MARCH 25-29, 2024

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We'll explore the heritage and ceremony of Japan's fine green teas. We’ll brew tea, cook with tea, and craft cocktails with tea. Our special outing is exquisite. We’ll visit Ureshino, the birthplace of tea culture, for an experience amidst tea fields as far as the eye can see.

Rice speaks to the Japanese soul as both a sacred crop and the ultimate comfort food. We'll revel in this simple, perfect grain as we explore the flavors of the harvest season. We'll explore the finer points of cooking with rice and enjoy a master class on pressing perfect onigiri rice balls.



APril 21-25, 2025

October 20-24, 2024

Autumn gives way to winter and the cooling temperatures make it prime pickling and brewing season. We'll explore Japan's famous culture of fermentation from pickling at home with salt and rice bran to the  art, science, and craft of brewing sake, Japan's signature drink.


DECEMBER 9-13, 2024

In concert with the festival of colors, sea bream comes into season alongside persimmons and mushrooms. And the winter brewing season begins. We’ll travel to Itoshima and learn all about the art, science, and craft of brewing soy, one of Japan's staple seasonings.


NOVEMBER 18-22, 2024


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Four nights in a private room plus all food, drink, and transportation during the salon session. Does not include transportation to and from Karatsu.

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Plans are hard to make these days. All deposits are non-refundable but give me two months notice and I'll happily apply your deposit to a future session.


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