Tilting Towards the Sun

March 10-14, 2025

Spring is leafing out. Wild vegetables from land and sea are growing plentiful.

Spring is gaining momentum and provides so many fresh, wild flavors. We will forage tsukushi horsetail from the hills and the tender shoots of watercress from streams and funori from the sea. We'll visit a local sake brewery using heritage tools and techniques and gather dried silvergrass for a masterclass on crafting simple, elegant Japanese brooms.


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We open the windows during the day and build fires in the hearth at night as we make multi-course meals to celebrate the season of abundant gifts from the wild.

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Make your way to Karatsu, in the Northwest corner of Kyushu, a little over an hour by train from the Fukuoka airport or shinkansen station. Join us at the Mirukashi salon high on a hilltop in the heart of Japan’s countryside for a lively welcome dinner full of fresh seasonal flavors.

We'll start the day on a foraging excursion to pick tsukushi horsetail. Back in Mirukashi we'll gather in the kitchen and cover a few Japanese cuisine fundamentals, including how to make dashi, as we prepare a delicious lunch that celebrates this season of reawakening.

Travel & Welcome

Foraging & Cooking

day 1

day 2 Morning

We'll start the day with a multi-course tofu-focused brunch at a 250 year old renowned establishment. Each course highlights an ingredient or element in the tofu making process. This meal will elevate and enlighten your understanding of this unique food.


DAy 3 Morning

We'll join Hanako in her pottery studio and learn about the art and craft of Japanese tableware. Then we'll head into town to visit the local shrine and a few shops before enjoying dinner at a beloved classy yet casual restaurant featuring female-forward food, craft, and design.

Atelier Visit

Day 2 afternoon

How We'll Spend Our Time

come to mirukashi

Working with elegant tools brings reverence and delight to the common rituals of daily life. We'll enjoy a masterclass on crafting Japanese brooms with a natural materials craftswoman. We'll harvest dried silvergrass in the field and learn to make these elegant, functional tools of life.

We'll gather in Mirukashi for a second cooking session focused on preparing the perfect Japanese style picnic. We'll make bouzushi (sushi) with hirame, an elegant late winter fish, and even fashion some simple wagashi, Japanese confections, to enjoy with tea.

Field Brooms


day 3 Afternoon

day 4 Morning

Pack your swag and enjoy one last morning at your hotel by the sea before you hug your new best friends goodbye. You are now an honored member of the Mirukashi Collective, a group of culturally curious gastronomes who have formed lasting bonds while spending time in Mirukashi.

Hugs & Goodbyes

DAy 5

We''ll pack up our picnic and head out to lunch in the early spring landscape. We'll enjoy a tea service en plein air with matcha and sweets. After lunch we'll gather wild seaweed and then you'll have a chance to freshen up at your hotel before our final farewell dinner in Mirukashi.

En Plein Air

Day 4 Afternoon

Let the waves lull you to sleep each night in this 4 star oceanside hotel featuring spectacular views from every room. Watch the sun rise over the bay, take a stroll along the sandy beach by a forest of ancient pine trees, visit the gym or relax in the sauna, onsen spa, or rooftop thermal pool.

Seaside Hotel

Where You'll Stay

How It Works

Salon sessions are $3550 (USD) per person. A non-refundable deposit of $1800 secures your place with balance due 60 days before the session.


Four nights in a private room plus all food, drink, and transportation during the salon session. Does not include transportation to and from Karatsu.

What's included

Plans are hard to make these days. All deposits are non-refundable but give me two months notice and I'll happily apply your deposit to a future session.


Seating is limited.

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Salon sessions are limited to 7 people to ensure a relaxed and intimate experience. 
Bookings are accepted in the order requested.
Come to Mirukashi.

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A humble pot of broth and perfectly simmered fare gathered from the wild soothes us on a chilly spring evening. Twilight deepens outside and the white magnolia blossoms glow.

A Wild


Stories of this Season

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Peeling horsetail renders the same state of mind as painting a wall or leisurely swimming laps, a repetitive act that occupies the body but leaves the mind mostly free to wander.

There is
No Limit



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I stood on the breakwater at the harbor and watched Sakamoto san swim towards me through cold March waters. Shin-wakame spilled from nets belted to his waist.

New Wakame
Within the Day



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Hijiki is a ubiquitous dish, made across the country, and yet no two are alike. Variations are found from season to season, region to region, and from kitchen to kitchen. 

No Two
Are Alike


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